Trekathon 807: Terra Firma, Part I (DIS)

From the title, something about firm ground. Spoilers

Sigh, back to the Mirror Universe again. It’s not particularly that I hate the Mirror Universe – Discovery has built on what Enterprise did in renovating the MU, and they get full value out of ‘let’s just recast everyone as their evil twin’. But it’s a substantial distraction from the ongoing plot of the season, and I really disliked the packaging to get there.

While Georgiou has gotten a fair bit of screen time this year none of it has really built things up to this point. She’s been grumpy and she’s been sick. It’s not at all clear if we’re meant to be seeing ‘see, she’s mellowed’, or if it’s more ‘misses Mirror Burnham’. I’m definitely interested in seeing where part 2 takes things, but I fear this is going to largely be a distraction from the main plot of the season. And we finally get some Captain Killy, which I’ve wanted since that Season One reference.

In terms of getting there, it’s a whole bunch of annoying things combined together. The Sphere Data pops up again, with no one really expressing any serious concern about Discovery being captured by a rogue AI. There’s more handwaving over why a critical Star Fleet asset can be spared for the mission. And then there’s Carl. It’s not that I always hate that kind of thing, but it’s just not a good fit for Trek. At least make him a Q or something, please.

Oh, and the distress signal plot inched forward. But the show doesn’t really seem to care, so I won’t either.

Quick hits:

– Petition for David Cronenberg to do all technobabble exposition scenes. It was great.

– Ooh, I have that red wine glass.

– Aw, that Tilly/Georgiou hug was lovely.

– Oh, that is a pretty planet surface.

– Why aren’t they asking the Sphere Data to help with decoding the distress signal?

– That is some egregious ‘neither tell nor show’ stuff after Gray and Culber decoded the distress signal.

– Oh, it’s one of those sort of things with the mysterious man in a chair.

– I’ll admit, I giggled at “maybe you should have studied up on doors”.

– “Wait until we have something more substantive” is annoying as heck. Speaking as a manager, what I want is to know what’s going on. As a manager I know more things going on, and you don’t know how the information might be linked. Just tell me things!

– Modern dance at ship dedications it the most evil thing the Mirror Universe does, no question.

– Not breaking stride in your speech when there’s an assassination attempt is pretty impressive.

807 down.