Treakthon 809: Su’Kal (DIS)

Late name change – was ‘The Citadel’ until this week. Spoilers.

I really didn’t enjoy this episode very much. We spend the vast majority of the time either in technobabble plot mechanics, or in what is basically a holodeck malfunction episode with a bit of a ‘travel into someone’s subconscious’ theme. Really and truly ‘been there done that’ stuff for Trek. There wasn’t anything particularly new said here, no opportunity taken to deepen our understanding of any of the characters, just a bunch of stuff that happened.

It is all very pretty of course. Modern special effects mean that the promise of the Holodeck can be fulfilled. And it was fun to see Doug Jones without several kilos of makeup on him. But it was ultimately meaningless, it carried no significance or importance.

The material on Discovery with Tilly as acting Captain was little better. She’s nervous about being in command. Shen makes a reasonable series of decisions, but it doesn’t work out. Yawn.

The one bright spot is that there’s finally a bit of plot momentum heading into the final episodes of the season, with the Osyraa capture of Discovery and Book and Burnham in a hopeless situation. It’s a nice cliffhanger, which should give the next episode a running start. There’s been very little momentum this season, and it’s felt like a missing part.

Quick hits:

– Finally a sense of urgency about that darn ship. The dragging along the last few episodes has been annoying.

– When will the Captain stop going on the away mission? Not today, obviously.

– I really do love Queen Grudge. Such a cute kitty.

– Less dramatic pausing, more jumping out of danger acting Captain Tilly.

– Oh wow, actually Doug Jones face. Very rare appearance for someone who has 169 credits.

809 down.