Trekathon 805: Unification III (DIS)

The rare and elusive Trek part III. Spoilers.

On an objective level I have to admit this is a very strange show. Let’s unpack what happened here – we had a psychotherapy session for the main character as part of a science court run by her mother, so that she could access to a spreadsheet. And yet it’s compelling drama that draws together not just themes from the season to date, but the entire run of the show, and previous series as well.

One thing Discovery has been doing very well this season is drawing on the past of the show and Trek to tell interesting stories. Burnham as Spock’s sister hasn’t been forgotten, and is used for good effect here. But it draws in other stories and background to good effect as well.

The Vulcan/Romulan Science death squad was a lot of fun, even if they do not seem to grasp the logical fallacy of Ad Hominem (Ad Vulcanimen?). But I would have liked a bit more of a picture of what Ni’var society looks like.

My one complaint this week – seriously, does no one on this show know how ranks work? Tilly is junior to like 7 or 8 named characters. It’s like the TV show knows who is in the credits and who isn’t. I mean, I like that Tilly has a story line, because she’s awesome. But it’s very silly from a logic perspective. Having her authority be subject to the agreement of the other officers just isn’t stable.

Quick hits:

– They haven’t really sold Burnham’s obsession with The Burn. Why does she care so much? If you time travelled to today from 1100 would you be obsessed with the origin of World War 1?

– OK, it’s about Vulcans and Romulans. I won’t need this pitchfork and the address of CBS HQ then.

– Anyone else think SB19 caused The Burn? OK, the show gets there 10 seconds later – this continues to be a smart show.

– Good god Saru, do you need to make a speech before every jump?

– Stop dead naming Ni’var.

– “Science cannot be separated from political or cultural contexts” – word!

– Yay, Qowat Milat reference back to *Picard* too. And in a way that makes good sense given the backgrounds.

– I really wish they’d done the ceremony senes on Ni’var. Feels wrong to be just on the ship.

805 down.