Trekathon 797: Crisis Point (LD)

Holodeck shenanigans. Spoilers.

This episode kind of lost me early on – the early section is a collection of call backs to Star Trek movie references with some good individual jokes – like the Star Trek: The Motion Picture sequence with the Enterprise. But about halfway through the episode sharply pivoted into the sharpest story around Mariner so far.

While the Mariner arc does still bug me, this episode did a very good job of weaving together the ‘therapy’ aspects as Mariner works things out with a lot of good jokes. Although probably a bit too in-jokey if you haven’t memorised every movie. The others got less to do, although there were some good Tendi moments where she got a bit more depth. Overall a very enjoyable episode.

One aside – there was a lovely little music cue at the start of the episode that was a good call back to the Voyager theme.

797 down