On the end of Discovery S03E02


So, after writing my review of S03E02 it’s become clear that I have a totally different reading of the last few minutes of the episode to most people. For fun I thought I’d unpack why I think this.

First, what are we talking about? The end of the episode apparently sees Burnham reappear and rescue the ship from the ice. Except I don’t think that’s Burnham.

There are a few things I’m basing this on:

– The enemy ship is ‘Big’ – that would not be a good description of Booker’s ship.

– No exterior shot (or Burnham POV shot), we only see things from the POV of Discovery.

– Burnham says “I landed here a year ago” – Burnham was raised by Vulcans, she is precise. She wouldn’t use ‘here’ when she means a different location entirely.

– One year is not ‘so long’.

– There are some strange flickery patterns in the video – could be damage to the ship, could be fakery.

– Saru seems to be seeing something more than just a hairstyle.

Anyway, this could all just be me reading in far too much to a few selections, and maybe wanting my version of the season (Burnham and Discovery not meeting until episode 10 or so).

We’ll see in a few days.