Trekathon 796: Veritas (LD)

It’s true there’s more Lower Decks. Spoilers.

This is a clever twist on the old Star Trek standby of the court room episode – with a Lower Decks twist of no one knowing what is actually happening. I wish they hadn’t made that quite such direct “text” in the third act, but it’s still a good gag. The final resolution of the ‘trial’ is strained, but this is Lower Decks, so jokes beat out strict logic.

With Rutherford there was a dream state fever dream feeling that was fun. And nicely subverted with the Corn wedding joke. I mean it’s a crazy design feature of his implant, which I suspect we will never see again. But it’s good Star Trek comedy.

Along with a great plot there’s a lot of great individual jokes, like the doctor getting on the wrong ship, or Tendi being a karate expert. And another good mix of callbacks that are rewarding without being overdone. Although I’ll bet that’s a very personal taste question. They at least resisted the temptation to go too hard with Q.

Overall a fun episode that was an enjoyable 22 mins.

796 down.