Trekathon 794: Terminal Provocations (LD)

I’m guessing something about fights in airport terminals? Spoilers.

This episode felt like an attempt to put more of a comedic spin on a couple of old Star Trek standbys – the holodeck malfunction and the ‘single episode long-time best friend’ plots. The stories didn’t shine, but we’re a strong enough vehicle for some good jokes and some fun sequences.

The A plot with Boimler’s never-before-mentioned friend Fletcher honestly felt more like commentary on that plot device than anything else. It was nice to push Boimler and Mariner more into cooperating than usual, but really things didn’t go anywhere. And I’m really confused about the whole Chu Chu thing – some reference I’m missing maybe?

I like the Rutherford/Tendi holodeck plot more. The idea of the psychotic Badge-y was done nicely, and again good use of animation to show things that would have cost too much in live action. But again didn’t really take the opportunity to comment on the plot, just a vehicle for jokes.

794 down.