Trekathon 793: Cupid’s Errant Arrow (LD)

Boimler has a girlfriend. From Canada. Well, a ship named after a Canadian city.

This episode really delivered on the promise of the series. A really key point that made this work better for me is that this time around Mariner’s trauma and actions are justified out of her back story. As a result there’s enough sympathy retained to keep her sympathetic, rather than seeming like an ADHD psychopath. It’s a device that could be used a lot more.

(Also, I think that was Deep Space 9 – certainly it was Deep Space 9 era uniforms in the flashback).

It was also a stronger backing story than some of the previous episodes, and the Captain was allowed to be effective at her job. And the continued story of ‘maybe you don’t want to be on the flagships’ is a good underlining of the theme of the show.

No cold open this time. Although can I mention one little detail I love is that they use the black hole imagery from Interstellar (which in turn was based on real physics). And on small details, the teddy bear with a Geordi visor was a nice touch.

793 down.