Trekathon 792: Moist Vessel (LD)

August 28th, 2020

The first appearance of ‘moist’ in an episode title. Spoilers.

Another good, but not great, episode. Great use of animation to portray something that would have sucked up a year of budget for a live action TV show, and some good jokes along the way. Some elements of it, particularly Mariner, continue to not quite work for me.

I’m finding Mariner’s schtich a bit draining, which made this episode a bit tricky. Her disrespect for authority is just not quite earned enough for me. The episode itself did a really good job of painting the ‘do you really want to get promoted’ question, which I think is great. It’s a really important question that Star Trek hasn’t really grappled with before. I’m hoping that there’s some more back story than mother-daughter conflict coming one day.

The B-plot with Tendi was a fun look into a common trope of Trek, ascending to god-like powers. I was glad Tendi got a bit more time to have some character development, even if the beats of the story were fairly rote.

This week also felt like a bit of a reduction in the pace of callbacks and references to other Trek, which was welcome. Too much of a good thing was becoming a bit of a drag.

792 down.