Trekathon 791: Temporal Edict (LD)

Lower Decks gets Timey Wimey. Spoilers.

How does the Captain even have a command? Because if she didn’t know how that was going to turn out she’s an idiot. Seriously, what happens in this episode is such that basically every single member of the ship would be putting in a transfer request. It’s a cartoon, sure, but it’s really too silly for the general setup. And seriously, she needed an ensign to tell her that it was a bad idea?

(Plus the effect of the ‘everything is being timed now’ is too acute too quickly, but that I can leave to it being a cartoon).

Leaving aside the logic/consistency side, this was a fun episode. The away team plot was good, and had lots of fun callbacks like the double handed Kirk punch. And the development of a bit of a relationship between Mariner and the first officer is an interesting direction. The ship side stuff was a nice confection on top of a silly foundation, but had some good moments.

Plus a Miles O’Brien and ‘Great Bird of the Galaxy’ reference at the end, fun stuff. Given the frame, quite possibly a reference to ‘Chief O’Brien at Work’ too.

791 down.