Trekathon 783: Stardust City Rag (PIC)

Everyone except Picard has plans within plans it seems. Spoilers.

Not the episode I was looking for. The main plot (retrieving Maddox) was a straight forward heist without much of interest. The plot was mainly a carrier mechanism for three ‘hidden motives’. And had some of the worst scenery chewing from Picard ever – Picard the character is apparently a terrible actor.

First, we have Seven with her (fairly predictable) personal vendetta. I was ultimately a bit disappointed, as I had been hoping for more with Picard meeting one of the few other Humans to once be a Borg. But we only get a line of that, instead it’s mainly about settling this old score that we never really understand properly. It was nice to have the reference back to Voyager and Icheb, but frankly it was a plot that I’d forgotten. I’d have preferred a different story here really.

Second, we have Raffi finding her son. The show didn’t do any ground work on this, so all we really end up with is a slightly greater sense of Raffi as damaged. Seemed like a lot of screen time for little result.

And finally, we have Dr Jurati killing Maddox at the end of the episode. It’s the first hint of a deeper agenda from her, but it does make some sense. But I’m going to want to see a lot more development of this one.

Quick hits:

– Picard with an eyepatch, LOL.

– Don’t care enough about Raffi for the reunion to make any sense.

– The brief Voyager theme stinger when Seven was leaving the ship was a lovely little touch.

– Quark reference, cool.

783 down