Trekathon 771: Such Sweet Sorrow (DIS)

April 12th, 2019

It’s the beginning of the end on Discovery. Spoilers.

This is fundamentally part one of a two-part episode, much more so than anything else in this season. So I’m not really sure what I think of it yet. It’s all done well, with good performances on a sometimes slightly lacking script.

I enjoyed the ‘time flash’ sequence prior to the credits. It’s an old trope, even for Trek, but it was well done. But I did wonder about the plan – did it really not cross anyone’s mind that the data which could prevent itself from being erased could also stop a self-destruct?

The rest of the episode is a lot going on. First we have another crossover with Short Treks, and a bit of redemption for Tilly. Tilly has been a bit of a one-note joke most of this season, but I felt like she was a bit more rounded and realistic episode.

And then there’s a big chunk of the episode spent on farewells – at first for Burnham, and then for Pike. These are nicely done (with the exception of Sarek and Amanda, which created too many logistical questions for me). But everything was undermined once Spock volunteered to stay. We know Spock lives, in a way we don’t know for Burnham.

But it all rests on the Finale – in particular, there are still two more red bursts, I can’t imagine we won’t hear about them. But a lot of territory to cover in a single episode.

Quick hits:

  • The evacuation corridors looked really silly, and I have any number of objections to the design.

  • The ‘palm print recognition’ activation of the self-destruct goes against the traditions of Star Trek…

  • I loved the design on the Enterprise. Right mix of modern sensibility and classic show. Including the sound design.

  • So – the Discovery is just destroying the mycelia network every time it jumps and no-one cares?

  • OMG Culber, learn about timing.

  • Georgiou’s groan of disgust while other’s were comparing notes on their mothers was great.

  • There are a few too many scenes of shocked glances in this episode.

  • If Tig Notaro is not a full-time member of the crew next year I will launch a campaign.

  • Another long speech when there’s no time for it, this time with a literal countdown clock behind Pike.

771 down. Now for the season finale.