Trekathon 770: Through the Valley of Shadows (DIS)

Discovery fears no evil. Spoilers.

Back to the red signals. It feels like it’s been a while. Although in a lot of respects it’s more about Burnham becoming convinced that the red signals mean something. I had some trouble with just how obvious a trap everything was, but if you put that element aside it was a good story with some nice action moments.

I enjoyed most of the Boreth stuff a bit less – time travel stories are bad enough, adding lots of mystic elements to it does not make it better. But I was not expecting to see Pike’s big accident, and even the chair (although in retrospect it’s an obvious way to go). That, plus some nice acting in later scenes that makes him seem very haunted, made it worth it.

As we close the season out Control has been set up as a nearly unstoppable force. It’ll be interesting to see how they get themselves out of the corner they’ve been written into.

Quick hits:

– I think Boreth is the first location from TNG that Discovery has revisited (not counting Earth).

– The swing back to Season 1 Klingon politics is a bit of whiplash.

– I feel like Boreth being the secret source of Time Crystals is a bit hard to swallow. Klingons are not traditionally the type to say ‘oh, let’s just never use this terrible weapon’. The opposite in fact.

– Wonderful beauty shot of DISCO at about 15 minutes into the episode.

– Yay, more Tig Notaro. She’s the best. And first canonical lesbian I believe (not counting Jadzia in DS9).

– I couldn’t resist a couple of rounds of the Mak’tar chant of strength when Spock wa opening the door.

– Someone running this show has a serious thing about the injury-to-eye motif.

– Is that the first ‘dual fisted phasers’ in Star Trek?

– A Section 31 with more than thirty ships seems to be quite a bit bigger (and overt) than it’s been before.

770 down. Only two episodes left in Season 2. And three red signals left, so things must be starting to pick up a little.