Trekathon 754: Will You Take My Hand? (DIS)

Season one of Discovery comes to an end. Spoilers ahead.

I thought this was a pretty strong end to the season. It’s nice the way all the threads of the season are drawn together in the plot here – Burnham, Georgiou, the spore drive, TyVoq, the Mirror Universe, and Cadet Tilly. It’s not the most spectacular episode of the season, but it’s a good wrapping up of threads.

About halfway through the episode felt to me like it was going to be a long build up to some kind of shocking revelation or cliff-hanger. Not that the mission to the Kronos wasn’t an interesting story, but it felt a bit like filler. The back half of the episode is the now common ‘quick but earned resolution’ followed by way too much episode time for nothing to happen. We reach what feels like could be the end of the episode with 10 minutes left on the clock.

I wouldn’t call the end an actual cliff hanger or revelation – more like a tease. It leaves us with a Season Two that doesn’t have much overhang from Season One (at least not that I’ve noticed).

One thing though – how was ‘Captain’ Georgiou fooling anyone? Several people on that Bridge who didn’t seem to be in the know served with the real Georgiou. It would have been nice to try and see her ‘pass’ a little bit more. At least Tilly twigged pretty quickly. It wasn’t important to the plot really, just felt a bit of. I’m glad that we at least have the prospect of more Michelle Yeoh.

Quick hits:

– Is that the first time the ‘previously on’ line has been done in an alien language?

– That opening shot of Jupiter, Mars, the Moon and Earth? Chills.

– The dual streams in the peeing alien was a nice touch.

– Orions are one of the rarer species from the Original Series – a couple of episodes of Enterprise and now this.

– Earth but not San Francisco! Wow. Although I’m not convinced that French planning regulations would allow that much new development in Paris over 300 years.

– Poor old miscellaneous bridge crew got Wookie-ed in the prize ceremony.

– I’m an absolute sucker for tricks like the O.G. music playing in the end credits.

– The redesign of The Enterprise was nice – felt true to Discovery’s aesthetic without losing continuity. Now the bridge (if we see it) is going to be a bigger challenge.

754 down. None to go (for now), but another season of Discovery is filming. I’ll write up some thoughts on this season before the start of season two, but I’ll try and watch the season over again first.