Countdown to Star Trek: Discovery – 237? days to go

Yes, new countdown. This is based on the ‘early Fall’ date mentioned by the head of CBS.

The news, other than I hope the show is going to be out before November, is that the [captain has been cast](

> The U.S.S. Discovery has welcomed aboard its captain. CBS has just confirmed that Jason Isaacs will join its next Star Trek series—but don’t forget, for the first time ever in the franchise, the captain will not be the main star. Isaacs will play Lorca, the captain of the series’ main Federation starship, Discovery.

Jason Isaacs is one of those actors who seems to have been in lots of things (most notably Harry Potter as the older Malfoy), but has never been the leading player.

This isn’t news that moves my expectations one way or the other really. He’ll be good in this, but that won’t be how the show lives or dies.