Month: December 2016

  • Countdown to Star Trek: Discovery – 164 days to go

    Another sliver of news, this time [casting for a lead]( Star Trek: Discovery has finally found its Number One: Sonequa Martin-Green. […] She’s Lieutenant Commander Rainsford Another actor I’m not very familiar with (geek confession: I don’t watch *The Walking Dead*, it’s just never appealed very much to me). I think the idea of not […]

  • Countdown to Star Trek: Discovery – 179 days to go

    More [news](, this time a bit more worrying. Even though it had been said that Bryan Fuller would remain an executive producer for Star Trek: Discovery, Fuller is now clarifying that the only work he will do on season one of the show is what he’s already done. This suggests that there’s a lot more […]

  • Countdown to Star Trek Discovery – 181 days to go

    Big [news]() today is some information on casting. We have three roles: – Michelle Yeoh as Captain Georgiou. Weirdly, captain of the Shenzhou, not the Discovery. Most famous for Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, this is a big name for the cast, although probably a more minor role. – Doug Jones as Lieutenant Saru. Has hardly […]