Month: September 2016

  • Countdown to Star Trek: Discovery: 257 days to go

    What’s that you say? Wasn’t the counter at 171 days a month ago. [News today]( is that Discovery has been delayed until May 2017. I’m using 31 May as the date until I get better information. Overall, not too worried about this. With no news on casting or filming a January release had been looking […]

  • Quick Reviews of the other 17 rides I went on in Orlando

    While in Orlando I also visited Kennedy Space Centre, SeaWorld and Universal Studios Florida. Kennedy Space Centre Shuttle Launch Experience – using a ride vehicle very reminiscent of Star Tours at Disney, a fairly realistic (or so we’re told) simulation of what it’s like to be in a shuttle as it’s launching. A SeaWorld Manta […]

  • Quick reviews of the 14 rides I went on at Disney World

    I’m on holiday at the moment, so a good chance to do something a bit unusual for this blog and do reviews of the rides I went on at Disney World. Epcot Frozen Ever After – Epcot’s current ‘line around the block’ big ride. The only thing this ride has going for it is the […]