Trekathon 736: These Are the Voyages … (ENT)

May 6th, 2013

Dear Writers of this Episode,

No, Fuck You!


Everyone who actually liked this show.

Outside of the big problem (that this is a bad episode of TNG, not a farewell to Enterprise), there are a lot of other issues with this episode. Characterisation feels off all over the place. No one has gotten a promotion in six whole years. Shran is suddenly unable to solve problems on his own. Reed appears to have given up on internal security. And then Trip dies for absolutely no purpose or benefit. And no one other than Archer or T’Pol seem to care that he’s dead. And it’s implied that this isn’t the founding of the Federation, which doesn’t match with what we were told by Daniels back in Zero Hour when we saw the same ceremony.

Truly horrible. A full third is wasted on the TNG sequences, which add to an episode in no need of further explanation.

736 down, 1 to go. That was the end of TV Trek, after 18 uninterrupted years.