Trekathon 735: Terra Prime (2) (ENT)

Archer has to stop Terra Prime from firing on Earth.

Still too complicated, but the core plot makes a bit more sense this time around. But the main villain still seems like he’d be more at home foiling 007 than NX-01.

What, exactly, was the point with the hybrid baby? From any perspective? I don’t understand why Terra Prime created it, it seemed to be an unnecessary add-on to their cause. I don’t understand why they used T’Pol and Trip, there must have been plenty of other DNA sources around. And I don’t understand what the point of saying ‘she died because Humans and Vulcans aren’t compatible’ only to strike that a few moments later with ‘No, it’s cool, they can do it’. Deeply confusing and misguided.

Callbacks: We see the Mars Pathfinder, at its Carl Sagan Memorial Station – complete with plaque.

735 down, 2 to go.