Trekathon 734: Demons (1) (ENT)

May 5th, 2013

The formation of the Coalition of Planets creates a bit of stress on Earth.

The villain here is straight out of a James Bond film. He has a long monologue explanation, but more directly he has a giant flying mining facility, takes over a cannon and uses it to fire on the moon. Actually, I take that back – most James Bond villains keep it a little bit more restrained than that.

The episode is a bit of a mess all round – too many threads running, between Travis’s reporter girlfriend, Trip and T’Pol’s apparent surprise daughter, plus the Coalition of Planets negotiations. It’s just too much to be coherent. There was a clear ending to get to, the writer just seemed to throw a bit too much in on the way there.

Funnily enough, I believe this is the first episode in all of Trek to have scenes set on either Mars or Luna.

Callbacks: The first Vulcan-Human hybrid. We also see a video of Colonel Green from WW3, last mentioned in The Savage Curtain.

734 down, 3 to go.