Trekathon 733: In a Mirror, Darkly (2) (ENT)

Archer steals the USS Defiant from the Tholians.

The first half is a bit lost, with the only highlight being a Gorn fight – nice callback sure, but not the most interesting way to spend time during the episode. They don’t make nearly enough out of the mirror universe nature of the ship – it had more potential than just the cue for a mutiny by T’Pol.

But the second half picks up substantially, with Archer’s attempted coup, T’Pol’s counter-mutiny, and the revelation of who the secret mastermind really is here. Hint: her name rhymes with ‘Roshi’. Sorry, I mean ‘Empress Roshi’.

There are many great touches, but my favourite was dressing everyone in original series uniforms. The perfect reference back to the start, just as we’re reaching the end.

733 down, 4 to go.