Trekathon 732: In a Mirror, Darkly (1) (ENT)

Commander Archer leads a mutiny to take command of the ISS Enterprise.

So, remember 668 episodes ago, when the Tholians tried to steal the USS Defiant? It turns out they were from the past of the mirror universe, and this episode tells the rest of the story. In a welcome departure for mirror universe stories, there isn’t any cross-over with the ‘home’ universe at all, everything is set in the mirror universe.

Unlike DS9, we get the attractions of the mirror universe in terms of allowing the actors to have some fun, and an opportunity to work out what the ‘dark side’ of everyone is. Phlox in particular is great as a gleeful vivisectionist, but all of the counterparts work well. There’s maybe a bit too much skin in Hoshi and T’Pol’s costumes, but that is consistent with everything else from the mirror universe.

But the cherry on top of a great episode is the USS Defiant, and the full 60s style bridge. But we’ll see some more of that next time. Changing the opening credits was a nice touch.

Callbacks: The origin of the mirror universe Terran Empire. And Phlox is the inventor of the pain booth.

732 down, 5 to go.