Trekathon 724: Daedalus (ENT)

The inventor of the transporter comes aboard for a mission.

The first entirely standalone episode Enterprise has done since *Bounty*, 35 episodes ago. Let’s just say they should stick to the bigger stories. For a large part of this episode it danced on the edge of ‘awful’, before plunging over the edge with a dreadful final sequence of trying to rescue the inventor’s son at the end.

Also one of my pet peeves, which Enterprise has been surprisingly good at avoiding, reappears: the Barrens has no star system within 100 light years? So that means it must be at least 100 light years from where Enterprise was at the start of the episode. But a year ago we were told it takes Enterprise 6 months to travel that distance. All I’m asking for here is a little internal consistency, please!

724 down, 13 to go.