Trekathon 722: Awakening (2) (ENT)

Archer becomes the Vulcan Martin Luther.

Well, it’s a good thing this appears to be the ‘Vulcan reset button’ story. Because if it wasn’t, I’d be pretty annoyed by the portrayal of the high command. They simply are not acting like the Vulcans we know from later series. Apart from being plainly based on the 2003 US leadership, they’re quite emotional, and very duplicitous. This episode has pushed that beyond the breaking point, and I’m really just hanging in there by a thread.

But as with all three parters (OK, this is only the second ever, still) this is the middle of the story – let’s see how this can be resolved.

Callbacks: T’Pau, I believe the first crossover of an actual character between Enterprise and another series (TOS, in *Amok Time*).

722 down, 15 to go.