Trekathon 720: The Augments (3) (ENT)

Archer has to stop the augments before they destroy a Klingon world.

In the great debate of nature versus nurture, this episode comes down relatively solidly on the side of nature. We’re told that the augments are this aggressive and dangerous because of their genes, rather than their upbringing. I would have preferred a bit of grey in that judgment, because it seems the potential for Soong’s parentage to have messed these kids up is at least as great.

I think this entire trilogy is best understood as a homage to *Wrath of Khan*, and it’s not a bad one. It just goes on for too long, without enough story to sustain it.

Callbacks: We get the briar patch from *Insurrection* briefly, but the big call back is to everyone’s friend Khan, and the SS Botany Bay. And at the end, we get Soong starting the research that will someday lead to Data.

720 down, 17 to go.