Trekathon 719: Cold Station 12 (2) (ENT)

The Augments raid a research station to retrieve their frozen embryo siblings.

The one thing harder to write about than a two-part episode: the dread three-parter. Most of what is interesting or good, or bad, or strange, was set up in the previous episode. And nothing is really resolved here. At this point I’m actually wondering if I’d even notice if I’d missed this part, because it leaves off substantially where the previous episode did, with only a marginal increase in the threat. They are aware that all those female augments can produce children cheaper and easier than these frozen embryos, right?

There are some nice parts: Phlox’s pen pal Dr Lucas is seen at last, But there’s also the fairly strange subplot involving the augment outcast, which ends in a fairly pointless death.

719 down, 18 to go.