Trekathon 718: Borderland (1) (ENT)

Enterprise has to track down a group of augmented humans who attacked a Klingon ship.

It’s comforting to be back into plots that feel a lot more like Star Trek. As annoying as the Klingons can be, you know where you stand with them. Plus it helps to have a great guest star, and Brent Spiner is honestly one of the more flexible actors around – he can play a very surprising range.

The Orion sequence got a bit tedious, as nice as it was to fill in a bit of Star Trek lore. This is offset by the ‘augmented humans’, in a very strong echo of both *Space Seed* and *Wrath of Khan*. The costumes look a lot like *Wrath of Khan*, actually.

Callbacks: Oh, so many callbacks. First there’s Brent Spiner as one of the ancestors of the Soong who would create Data. Then there’s Orion Slave Girls (a callback to the original TOS pilot). Archer says ‘Two to Beam Up’ for, I believe, the first time. Plus mentions of the eugenics war, augmented Humans and so on.

718 down, 19 to go.