Trekathon 717: Home (ENT)

Everyone goes home. Except Phlox.

Another of the ‘anthology’ episodes that Enterprise seems to enjoy so much. The best was Archer trying to deal with his actions – I like seeing the psychological consequences on the crew, it grounds the show in reality. It’s handled reasonably well, even with the gratuitous rock climbing sequence.

The other parts are weaker but still of some interest. T’Pol returns home, bringing a boy (Trip) home for the very first time. We learn a few little tidbits, but it seems more like this is setting up a broader plot later on. The final subplot, with Phlox being threatened for being an alien, is a bit disturbing for the Star Trek universe, but understandable given the circumstances.

Callbacks: The Vulcan wedding and the kal-if-fee most obviously, and a quick reference to World War 3.

717 down, 20 to go.