Trekathon 716: Storm Front (2) (ENT)

Archer defeats the Space Nazis.

A bad plot that was resolved about as well as could be hoped. The plot runs all over the place for not much result, such as the Trip subplot – a lot of effort, no real storytelling. The most ambitious bit was the opening newsreel, but that fell pretty flat.

I’ll forgive this episode for being ultimately mediocre because of two main things. Firstly, the Temporal Cold War plot has been firmly jettisoned out of the airlock, along with Silik and Daniels. Given that Silik appears to only be in this episode in order to die, that suggests to me the writer was as sick of this plot as I was.

Secondly, I have to admit the scene of the Enterprise fighting off German fighters over New York City was cool. Stupid, yeah. And a real stretch. But cool.

716 down, 21 to go.