Trekathon 715: Storm Front (1) (ENT)

April 20th, 2013

It’s Archer versus the Space Nazis (™).

To be honest, it wasn’t the gigantic pile of fail I was expecting. There are some nice touches – Nazis in the US is pretty rare, evidenced by this being one of the few times that I’ve ever seen the ‘White House with swastikas’ image here. The gangsters of New York as the resistance was also good.

But there’s still a lot of Temporal Cold War gibberish, nothing very much is made of Archer’s return to the ship other than a hug from Hoshi, and there’s a relatively pointless reappearance from the Suliban. I’m sure that last will turn out to be important, but it’s still dumb. One strong contender for worst line of the episode: “I can’t shut up and talk at the same time’. Urk.

And finally, I think if the Nazis had invaded New York, I’m pretty sure suppressing the ‘coloreds’ wouldn’t be top of their to-do list in the city with the largest Jewish population in the world at the time.

715 down, 22 to go.