Trekathon 714: Zero Hour (ENT)

April 19th, 2013

The Xindi arc comes to an end, as the weapon reaches Earth.

I’ll say something about how this whole season turned out in my season review shortly. But I thought this was a fairly good ending (until the last five minutes) to the season – the story was wrapped up in a satisfactory way, and there’s even now a good explanation as to why we never heard of this ‘Expanse’ in other series. Perhaps a little action heavy overall, but with some good sequences. And I thought splitting the action into two ‘threads’, the sphere builders and the weapon, was good. A little more interconnection with them would have made it better though

(Oh, and c’mon. Just because a species eats live animals does not make them evil. That opening sequence was unworthy of Star Trek).

Which brings us to the cliffhanger – to which I say, yuck. I hope this isn’t the season long plot for next year, because few things end up as tiresome as space Nazis. Especially when they’re actual Nazis as well.

Callbacks: We see the signing of the Federation Charter – and learn it was Humans, Vulcans, Andorians and Tellarites who founded the Federation

714 down, 23 to go.