Trekathon 713: Countdown (ENT)

Some Xindi try to launch the weapon, while others help Enterprise’s attempt to destroy it.

My main disappointment with what was generally a fairly enjoyable episode is that we didn’t get to see more of the aquatics. They’re actually the most ‘alien’ of the Xindi species, compared to previous Star Trek. And it would have been fun to see a bit more of their culture and technology. But there’s not much season left, so I suppose there isn’t really enough time.

As with a good serial story, some previous elements that weren’t clear come together (T’Pol’s mission in the previous episode), and other parts are less clear (not quite sure why Hoshi was grabbed for changing the code). Oh, and the ‘white cloud sphere builders’ stuff just appears silly.

(I’m still not a big fan of the ‘primates versus not primates’ stuff, but at least the Insectoids came around. Briefly).

713 down, 24 to go.