Trekathon 711: E² (ENT)

April 16th, 2013

It’s Tomorrow’s Enterprise, as Enterprise runs into an Enterprise crewed by everyone’s great grand children.

A potentially great concept that, after a fun twenty minutes or so, finds that it doesn’t really have anywhere to go with the setup. There isn’t much of a sense that this is a crew full of the descendants of Enterprise – other than Lorian none of them get a convincing back story. Archer’s descendant in particular seems like a very missed opportunity to tell us something about Archer.

As with The Forgotten, the episode ends up feeling like filler, just putting something in the gap between Damage and the next episode.

(The episode was not helped by the fact that I was reminded of Babylon Squared, the most important of the early ‘mythos’ episodes in Babylon 5, and the one that showed just what you can do with time travel in TV SF).

Callbacks: The first half-human half-vulcan. And obvious parallels to DS9’s Children of Time.

711 down, 26 to go.