Trekathon 711: E² (ENT)

It’s Tomorrow’s Enterprise, as Enterprise runs into an Enterprise crewed by everyone’s great grand children.

A potentially great concept that, after a fun twenty minutes or so, finds that it doesn’t really have anywhere to go with the setup. There isn’t much of a sense that this is a crew full of the descendants of Enterprise – other than Lorian none of them get a convincing back story. Archer’s descendant in particular seems like a very missed opportunity to tell us something about Archer.

As with *The Forgotten*, the episode ends up feeling like filler, just putting something in the gap between *Damage* and the next episode.

(The episode was not helped by the fact that I was reminded of *Babylon Squared*, the most important of the early ‘mythos’ episodes in Babylon 5, and the one that showed just what you can do with time travel in TV SF).

Callbacks: The first half-human half-vulcan. And obvious parallels to DS9’s *Children of Time*.

711 down, 26 to go.