Trekathon 710: The Forgotten (ENT)

April 15th, 2013

Archer makes an alliance with some of the Xindi.

Like the previous episode, there’s a lot going on. Unlike the previous episode it just didn’t quite hang together as well. The major plot is nicely advanced, with Mulder-Xindi convincing Scully-Xindi to believe (maybe I should watch the X-Files next, hmmm…). But beyond Degra’s growth and change, there isn’t very much new here.

The other plot, that of Trip coming to terms (at last) with his sisters death, was a by-the-numbers affair, seen in many many other shows before and after this. Add in a fairly pointless excursion outside to fix part of the ship, and it feels like an episode overall that was more worried about filling in the gap between ‘A’ and ‘B’.

(Shouldn’t Archer be the one writing the letter, not Trip?)

710 down, 27 to go.