Trekathon 709: Damage (2) (ENT)

Enterprise tries to repair damage, as some of the Xindi begin to doubt.

Wow, a lot happened. Let’s take it one at a time.

First, the Xindi are looking a lot more interesting now, with a bit more internal dissent and conflict. A lot better than I feared from their first appearance.

Second, the T’Pol thing comes from nowhere. That’s a pity, because it could have been set up a bit more along the way. But then the clues are there in their own way – but this feels like an ex post justification to me, rather than a long planned plot development.

But the core of the episode is the dilemma that Archer faces – stand up for his values, or take the steps necessary to save Earth. This isn’t something that could have been done in the first couple of episodes of the season, it’s taken time to get to a point where this development makes sense. Great stuff.

(A couple of asides: I was hoping for a few episodes of Archer as printer, but this is also good. And this is the most damaged that a Star Trek main ship has ever felt).

709 down, 28 to go.