Trekathon 708: Azati Prime (1) (ENT)

Enterprise finds the Xindi weapon, and Archer goes on a suicide mission to destroy it.

Another two-part episode, another difficult write-up.

Enterprise’s achilles heel has been the time travel plots. I think the original motivation was to give the writers some degrees of freedom relative to the established ‘future history’. There are some good ideas in what the show has done. But the delivery has been poor – in particular, I don’t think ‘Crewman Daniels’ as the agent from the future has ever really worked properly.

Once we’re past the deus ex delorean there was some good stuff. Archer’s farewell is heartfelt, although undermined by the knowledge that this is a TV show that isn’t at the end of a season. And I’m very glad that the ‘diplomatic’ approach is how things are going to play out, at least in part – it’s a lot more Trek than the other options. T’Pol’s reaction was unexpectedly strong – too strong?

708 down, 29 to go.