Trekathon 706: Doctor’s Orders (ENT)

Enterprise passes through a nebula where all the Humans need to be put into a coma for the passage.

Even though I picked the twist in this episode pretty early on, it was concealed well enough that I began to doubt my conclusion right up to the end of the episode. Nicely done – just enough clues to make it obvious in retrospect, but not so many that you’re sure that something is ‘up’.

Phlox is always tremendous fun, and we’ve seen him deal with social stress before, but this is the first time he’s been put under this kind of pressure. It’s fun to see how he copes (or not) with it. And we get an interesting insight into his subconscious as well, through his visions.

Callbacks: Obvious parallels to Voyager’s *One*, with a sole crew member looking after the ship for a while.

(And quite a coincidence – an episode that includes a dog being cared for by someone other than its owner, and that’s what I’m doing tonight…)

706 down, 31 to go.