Trekathon 705: Harbinger (ENT)

Enterprise retrieves a strange alien from a large anomaly.

In one sense the ‘main’ plot of this episode was a shaggy dog tale – the only important bit was the last five seconds, where we get a sense that the people building the spheres are involved with the Xindi. Well, we did kinda know that already, but I suppose it’s nice to be a little clearer about it.

The purpose of the episode though seemed to be about resolving two hanging plot threads – the Trip/T’Pol relationship, and Reed’s conflict with the military commander on board. In only one case is the tension resolved through sex, although I suspect it could have worked in both cases. I do have a bit of a problem with the Reed plot, as I had thought this was all resolved before this, but I guess you can’t keep a cliche plot down.

(Another 90 second ‘previously on’. These are only 41 minute episodes, I don’t think they can spare the time).

705 down, 32 to go.