Trekathon 701: Carpenter Street (ENT)

Archer and T’Pol travel back to Earth 2004 to stop a Xindi bioweapon plot.

This makes surprisingly little use of the time period. T’Pol’s moralising asides are annoying, overly arch, and to be frank out of character for her. I doubt she honestly sees much difference between 2004 and 2154. It was good that they resisted the temptation of making Archer suddenly a ‘student of this time period, or of making the sleazy agent of the Xindi a famous historical serial killer. But they didn’t put any other interesting reason in for this being a time travel episode.

So cars have gone away in Archer’s time? Or the controls have changed completely? O the writers needed to pad 5 minutes?

Callbacks: The latest (last?) in the series of ‘return to the present’ episode: *Assignment: Earth*, *Future’s End* and *Star Trek IV*.

701 down, 36 to go.