Trekathon 697: The Shipment (ENT)

Archer follows a trail to a mining facility supplying the Xindi weapon.

Now we have some complexity and variety in the Xindi – they aren’t all a threat to Earth. Some of them could be on our side. And Archer is becoming less angry, more willing to act like a Star Fleet Captain. Not that the anger has gone away though – we keep being reminded of the stakes, and the 7 million dead. Losing the motivation cursed parts of DS9, and a lot of Voyager, so it’s good to keep the reminders going here. And to use them to drive the emotions of the characters, and the plot.

It’s hard to say a lot about this episode. It’s very much a ‘middle step’, giving us some more background and providing another next step for the crew to follow. The episode avoids too much stupidity, and we learn some interesting background to the Xindi that helps to explain why they’re reacting so strongly to the supposed threat from Earth.

697 down, 40 to go.