Trekathon 696: Exile (ENT)

April 1st, 2013

Hoshi makes contact with a creepy psychic.

Yay, we finally noticed that the enormous sphere from a few episodes ago was significant. Only when they worked out there were 50 or so of them. And now maybe, just maybe, the mystery of the why and how of these spheres has made something workable. And theres also now a possible explanation of why this isn’t something we heard about in TOS or later eras.

The rest of the episode wasn’t as positive – Hoshi’s ‘date’ with the creepy psychic was underwhelming, although it was at least resolved in a reasonably adult fashion. The trip to the second sphere has added quite a bit to the ‘mythos’ understanding of what’s going on this season, but the actual plot was silly and included at least one blatant misunderstanding of physics.

696 down, 41 to go.