Trekathon 699: North Star (ENT)

Enterprise finds a colony of humans living a 19th century Western.

Bland silliness that’s so impressed with itself for making a point that it forgot to make a coherent episode. It feels more like an attempt to get some use out of the Western set than any kind of real story. So we mainly get a bunch of standard set pieces – a lynching, a shoot out, the tense bar scene – rather than a plot.

And just to add insult to injury – the story makes no sense in the arc. Why would they divert from their urgent mission to hang around on this planet for a few days. Fine, there’s an interesting question about how these people got there. But it can wait until after the incredibly urgent ‘the Earth is at stake’ mission.

Callbacks: Shades of *Spectre of the Gun*, to say the least.

699 down, 38 to go.