Trekathon 695: Impulse (ENT)

T’Pol turns out to be allergic to MacGuffin-D.

An interesting development – I was expecting that this trellium-D plot was going to eliminate the silly anomalies, and we could just move on. So on the one hand it’s a bit disappointing that we’re still going to have the weird anomalies. But on the other we got a plausible explanation for the Vulcan ships that went missing, and Archer has finally made a decision more about the crew than his mission.

(We also get the clearest exposition dump on Vulcans and emotions ever. Now if we can just stick with this story now).

Callbacks: “You can’t allow your concern for a single crewmen…” – the needs of the many outweighing the needs of the few, or the one, even?

(BTW: ‘One Day Earlier’? Bad writer, no cookie)

695 down, 42 to go.