Trekathon 693: Extinction (ENT)

Archer, Hoshi and Reed get mutated by an alien virus.

Unlike previous attempts at similar stories (*Genesis* most notoriously) there’s no attempt to try and relate what happens to any kind of underlying nature of the characters. This episode is more reminiscent of *Masks* actually, but unlike that episode the regular cast don’t take any opportunity to do anything interesting. Instead they’re doing a bad caveperson impression for the entire episode. Can I emphasise the ‘bad’ in that last sentence…

I do really dislike the ‘centuries old problem solved by the crews brilliance’ solution. The crew aren’t superheros, and it just undermines the intelligence of the other races involved. And Archer’s decision to keep the virus is just nuts – it’s an incredibly dangerous virus, it doesn’t really matter if it’s the last remnant of an alien race.

Archer is doing his very best Ahab impression. I hope they’re going somewhere with that.

693 down, 44 to go.