Trekathon 692: Anomaly (ENT)

March 28th, 2013

Enterprise gets robbed.

Not a terrible story, but it’s starting to not feel very much like Trek to me. Archer has become so angry that we have a mysterious ancient alien space station, and no one on the crew bats an eyelid. There’s no sense of exploration or wonder. There’s just violence and action. Archer in particular is becoming very angry.

Enough with the boogie-expanse though. Let’s just have a nice technobabble speech and be done with it. The floating coffee mugs are silly. But hey, the special effects are pretty. OK, we get it, it’s a rough neighbourhood. But this smacks of the old environmental excuses for criminals.

Callbacks: DS9’s infamous stem bolts get a mention.

692 down, 45 to go.