Trekathon 691: The Xindi (ENT)

Enterprise tries to find the Xindi homeworld.

Not a goods start to the season. That opening scene felt like a scene of the Trade Federation in Star Wars. And the sequence on the mining facility was pretty tedious. Archer gets betrayed by the obviously horrible alien, and absolutely no one is prepared for it. Just to spice things up, we get a nice ‘walking through the sewers’ scene too. The new opening credit music has a very annoying ‘beat’ to it. And Archer seems to have taken cranky pills.

There were some nice bits. The new marines were pleasingly competent when they rescued Archer and Trip. And while the presentation so far has been a bit broad, the idea of a five species alliance ‘race’ is a potentially interesting one.

But the T’Pol/Trip stuff towards the end of the episode was completely unnecessary – there was no reason at all for her to take her top off completely in that scene. Pure exploitation.

691 down, 46 to go.