Trekathon 690: The Expanse (ENT)

Earth gets attacked for no known reason, and Enterprise has to go find out who’s responsible.

There’s a pretty bald attempt to draw everything together here – the mysterious future guy, the Klingon bounty on Archer’s head, the Suliban. It makes for an over packed episode that doesn’t really hold together as a coherent story. It all happens so fast that I have plot whiplash. In addition, now Trip is angry about the death of his sister, T’Pol has resigned from the Vulcan High Command. At least Phlox is stlll the same.

The ‘Expanse’ is set up as a big scary boogie man (boogie space region? That doesn’t sound right), in a way that is quite frankly over the top. And there’s generally some significant repositioning: the Enterprise is now on a long-term military mission, and has combat troops aboard. In other words, a soft reboot in terms of focus, if not characters.

Callbacks: The first photonic torpedoes get installed.

690 down, 47 to go.