Trekathon 689: Bounty (ENT)

Reed is proved very correct about Archer’s lax attitude to security, as Archer gets captured by a bounty hunter.

Dull and uninteresting stupidity. Archer gets himself taken prisoner by being stupid, tries a couple of stupid things that don’t help him get out of the situation, then tries a stupid thing that does help him. The episode would work if the Tellarite captain was a more sympathetic character, but it’s hard to relate to a character obsessed with a ship that we never see.

But the worst of the episode is in the B-plot: after a couple of seasons of restraint, there’s a pretty bad ‘decontamination room’ sequence. It’s a completely unnecessary addition to the show, and the direction here serves only to highlight the unpleasant elements as it’s combined with T’Pol’s Ponn Far.

Callbacks: The first Tellarite we’ve seen in a while.

689 down, 48 to go.