Trekathon 686: Cogenitor (ENT)

Enterprise runs into a race with three genders,one of which is a third class citizen.

This episode dances right on the edge between ‘uncomfortable’ and ‘stupid’, until in the second half Trip apparently has a brain extraction and the episode lands in ‘stupid’ with no escape. It seems incredibly out of character for him to become so obsessed with the position of these ‘cogenitors’. After that it’s a pretty standard plot: crew member interferes with alien culture, things turn out very badly.

My one lasting query: why, if cogenitors are a discriminated against minority, why do they get invited to dinner at the start of the episode? It seems like that was intended only to further the plot.

(OMG it’s that guy; Andreas Katsulas, G’Kar from Babylon 5).

Callbacks: the first mention of photon(ic) torpedoes.

686 down, 51 to go.