Trekathon 685: The Breach (ENT)

March 21st, 2013

Phlox has to decide whether to treat a member of his race’s deepest enemies.

So, what can make even the incredibly phlegmatic Dr Phlox crack? How about someone who accuses his whole race of being war criminals (and who is apparently right), and that he was raised to hate. Yeah, that’ll just about do it. Until the final act ‘heroic speech’ of course. This works, but really only just. It’s a bit jarring to see this kind of skeleton in the closet of a race we like, but it isn’t completely unsupported.

The other plot is pure filler – a bunch of rock climbing scenes, a couple of cave ins, and some stubborn scientists. We learnt nothing, and there was never a moment of suspense. Waste of screen time.

Callbacks: OMG, a Tribble! And lasting proof that Phlox is a far better doctor than McCoy, if somewhat coldblooded, as he spots their reproductive rate.

685 down, 52 to go.